Since one of my main responsibilities is to keep up with goings on in the SOA/EAI/EA space, I try to read a ton of blogs and web sites.

eBizQ has been pretty handy with their free webinars. They are usually dull (as their archive shows such gems as "Measuring the Value of BPM", "The ROI of SOA" and "Where Data Meets SOA: Data Services"), but are actually a pretty decent source of ammo for when the suits start asking the tech group about why we should spend money on SOA initiatives.

This isn't an astroturf post, just a useful site that I wanted to share with the SOA/EA crowd. Add it to your filter along with the other free IT magazines and sites (Infoworld, Baseline, CIOInsight, etc etc).

I'll eventually gather all these web sites, magazines and blogs into a google spreadsheet or my