PREPEND blog Technical and personal notes about programming, data, computers, and figuring out problems.

Hello there, my name is Brian Alexander Lee and this blog collects together various ideas and writing. I welcome your ideas, please contact me directly until I figure out comments.

Topics will generally be about technology, specifically data and Internet topics. I started this to capture fixes that I couldn’t find through google to help the next person who googles a similar problem.

RSS | Link stack (stuff that I think is worth reading, kept up until comes back)

This blog is written in Markdown and builds and deploys itself using GitHub Actions, Jekyll, and LFTP.

This blog uses the leonids theme from @renyuanz. Thanks renyuanz! I think the theme is dormant, but it works for me as is.

Logo created by randomly dragging around pixels in MSPaint to make a favicon. Will probably eventually get some logo made for $5. But it does look kind of like an angry space invader.

This is not a work site. All thoughts are only my personal opinions and arguments.

TODO: eventually rework to a new theme that handles tags and categories a bit better, and that handles story plugs on the home page better.