So I'm going on a cruise this week and I'll be out of the country. This probably means that the quality of this site will increase while I'm away.

Oh yeah, is really cool. I just need modify the windows plug-in so it tracks songs listened to on the ipod.

I use MicroSoft Money 2005. I bought this version to get auto downloads from MBNA and Citibank. Of course this didn't work because each time I downloaded the statement it marked every transaction as brand new and autoaccepted them. This of course sucked as I had to go in and delete all the duplicate downloads every time it updated. I emailed Microsoft and they basically said that I'm screwed and that they have no fix for the problem. Wait for 2006 I guess.

Anyway, my workaround is to write my own app to screen scrape the data from MBNA and Citibank (and theoretically any site) and import into money. If anyone has any ideas let me know.