There's a lot of info every day and every week and keeping up with it all is a challenge. For newsfeeds there's sites like, and even if you want to keep up with the latest big name tech or apple product. But it's harder and harder to get valuable content that makes tough tech decisions easier.

I tend to read a lot of magazines and journals as they are printed on paper and I can read them while I'm offline. The good thing about IT journals is that if you qualify, many are free. Here's a list of magazines that I read frequently:
  • InformationWeek - a useful weekly covering CIO/businessy tech decisions. Free subscription if you qualify.
  • EWeek - another good weekly that covers tech from a business/manager standpoint. Free subscription if you qualify.
  • InfoWorld - another good weekly. You don't have to read all three of these, but the subscriptions can be free and they each offer different insights. Free subscription if you qualify.
  • Baseline - this is a great monthly mag that covers IT from a project management standpoint and gives really in depth studies on real companies' projects. Free subscription if you qualify.
  • SDTimes - a weekly journal focused on programming and split evenly between the java, php and microsoft worlds. Again, free if you qualify.
  • Java Developer's Journal - monthly that focuses on java. An ok magazine and one of the oldest java magazines out there. Not really free.

This is a sample of what is out there. If you read most of these you will keep abreast of new products, services and technologies. They won't take the place of online feeds, but paper still has a few advantages.