Lately a few people have asked me about what Enterprise Architecture is and how they can learn more about it because that's what they'd like to get into. Now of course this is rather curious, because who is out there doing so much PR that people who don't know what EA is want to become an EA.

While we all ponder that, I have collected a few good starting places that I've found useful. I'm not really separating whether these are just for Public Services/ Federal EA or open to the public sector too. There's enough overlap that I'm not making separate lists:

That should be more than enough to start someone off on their path to EA nirvana. A few months ago, the wikipedia entry was pretty weak and dealt with just the systems/solutions aspect of EA, but now it seems pretty accurate with emphasis on strategy and capital planning.

I didn't include any references on Zachman although I wish I knew more sites for reference material as he's a real pioneer on EA. The zifa site is rather anemic when it comes to useful information and I figure people can figure out the wikipedia link themselves.