A colleague of mine pointed out this Financial Times India article that is pretty interesting.

I'm a firm proponent of off-shoring (not necessarily outsourcing) and developing software abroad. In fact, I think that if you aren't off-shoring properly now, you won't be in business 5 years from now.

This article talks about how salaries in India's IT sector are increasing dramatically for mid-level to senior-level programmers and other techies. Software developers with 5 years are averaging $56k/year (Rs 25 lakh). Developers with 10-15 years are averaging $222k/year (Rs 1 crore).

This is amazing. Couple this with the purchasing power living in India and I'm ready to pack my bags and move over. My visa is good for 4 more years, I'd seriously like to pick up a job pulling in $200k. Not too shabby.

According to the article, it's actually cheaper to hire in the US than in India. And that's just from straight salary comparison, not including infrastructure, benefits, etc.

I think these salary trends show that the quality of software coming out of "new IT" countries is really improving.

Oh yeah, I stopped waiting for Apple to buy Tivo and bought a Microsoft Media Center PC. I feel dirty because it's an HP running Windows and I bought it from BestBuy. But, the interface is great and now I can watch my torrents on my TV and store recorded shows on a 1TB disk array. Lets see you store 2000 hours on your Tivo.